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In our year 2075, the flat screen television has long been replaced by 3-dimensional images, which can be viewed in the middle of a living space or viewing area. Scented air, temperature changes, and vibrations can also be a part of the viewing experience. The 3-dimensional images are huge. They can cover an entire wall or fill an entire room. A living room can become beachfront property by a viewer who watches in real-time, second by second, as life unfolds in a location where the scene is being captured. These serene escapes are very popular. Viewers can choose from thousands of scenes. Surrounding yourself with a tropical blue water lagoon or an alpine village nestled in an evergreen forest is an idyllic way to relax. In these settings, viewers can choose to smell fresh mountain air or feel a warm sea breeze to complete their ambiance.

Also popular in this 3-dimensional viewing experience are motion pictures, skits, and theatrical productions where the viewer can become an active participant. Those who are good can achieve awards and ultimately compete on the national level in acting and role-playing.  

In our time the average person above the age of 18 is either employed or on paid vacation. With more free time and discretionary funds, people can try many things. One person might be singing in an opera, while another plays in a rock band. Still, another is a leading actor in a Shakespearean play, while yet a fourth is competing in a white water rafting competition.

The key to learning these activities is the ability to gain a good understanding of a virtual simulation. Once the virtual world is mastered, many participants are eager to try their skills in front of an audience of their peers. Competition tends to become fierce when prize money is involved and national titles are at stake. The rivalry in these activities is as strong as at a national sporting event of basketball and football. People have more free time now and diversified interests so they go out more and participate in these new and diverse activities. Restaurants are also more prevalent and abundant, serving more selections than ever. Conspicuously missing are real meat dishes. However, a meat-eater would not complain or even know the difference since meat substitute tastes and has the texture of the meat it replaces. Over 90% of the farming is done within a five-mile radius of the city center. Therefore, livestock has no place in the city. However, greenhouses and gardens are plentiful and occupy every spot a building can allow. To promote this, buildings must abide by a user code, which states that they must have a large percentage of floor space set aside for decorative plants, fruits, and vegetables. This strict mandate is set in place to reduce the carbon footprint of the city and have fresh, local produce. There is also an army of robots that maintains the city’s plants and harvests their bounty.

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