2075 Rebirth Medical Advancements

A black-market trade for unwilling organ donors became so intense and

systemic that it spawned the rise of personal android bodyguards. (2035)

Never in human history have medical changes and advancements been greater, more significant, and more dramatic than in this century. Earlier, work with stem cells and genetic engineering made great progress. A decade later, children were being selected with great care by their parents while in the earliest gestation stages, defining every feature to give the newborn the best advantage in a very competitive world.

Later came artificial limbs and, with the advent of 3D printing, grown organs. At the same time, the key factor in preventing the aging process was isolated, allowing humans to live to 120, then 150, and now 170 years old, while maintaining the motor skills, agility, skin texture, and mind of a 45-year-old.

As the population was living much longer, a large demand for replacement organs and limbs due to excessive use, accidents, or disease made this a huge market. Receiving a printed organ from one’s DNA was ideal but also very expensive, so those who needed one, but could not afford it, would look elsewhere. This spawned a new and sinister black market.

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